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Montana SOS Office Releases 2020 Youth Vote Results


November 4, 2020

We all are fully aware that the 2020 Presidential Election took place on Tuesday. Governor, Senate and Ballot Initiatives were also voted on. For several election cycles now, the Montana Secretary of States (SOS) Office has conducted a Youth Vote on the topics being voted on in each Cycle. In a joint effort with the Office of Public instruction (OPI), students throughout the state were asked to take part. The SOS encouraged schools to participate in the vote. All students, kindergarten through grade 12, home school associations, private, and public schools were invited to participate.

According to the Secretary of State official website the purpose of the Youth Vote is to “Provide students an opportunity to participate in the United States election process. Students in grades K-6 will vote for the President of the United States and additional fun questions. Students in grades 7-12 will receive the full ballot with federal and statewide candidates, as well as the constitutional amendments.”

Teachers were provided with the Please review the sample ballot with the Montana Voter Information Pamphlet to as a guide to help make sure students understand the constitutional amendments, ballot initiatives, and the candidates who are running for an office.

The Student Vote 2020 results were released on Thursday, October 29 and are as follows.

In the Kindergarten through Sixth grade voting for President, Donald J. Trump received 68.62% of the vote while Joseph R. Biden received 22.42% and Libertarian Jo Jergeson 8.27%.

K-6 also voted on Favorite Cartoon with the winner being How To Train Your Dragon. The Loud House was a close second, followed by The Avengers and Spirit. Swimming was a big winner in the favorite sport category followed by Track, Volleyball and Tennis. Pizza was selected as the favorite school lunch, just edging out the hamburger. Country was the favorite type of music followed by R&B, Rap and Hip Hop.

Grades 7-12 voted on the entire ballot and their results are as follows.

President: Donald Trump - 62.33%, Joe Biden 30.67%, Jo Jorgensen - 8.94%

U.S. Senate: Steve Daines - 55.74%, Steve Bullock - 44.25%

U.S. Representative: Matt Rosendale - 61.33%, Kathleen Williams - 38.67%

Montana Governor/Lt. Governor: Greg Gianforte/Kristen Juras 55.52%, Mike Cooney/Casey Schreiner 30.34%, Lyman Bishop/John Nesper - 14.04%

Secretary of State: Christi Jacobsen - 67.69%, Bryce Bennett - 32.31%

Attorney General: Austin Knudsen - 50.1%, Raph Graybill - 49.9%

State Auditor: Troy Downing - 58.73%, Shane Morigeau - 32.11%, Roger Roots - 9.17%

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Elsie Arntzen - 49.67%, Melissa Romano - 38.98%, Kevin Leatherbarrow - 11.35%

Constitutional Amendment C-46: Yes - 68.20%, No - 31.8%

Constitutional Amendment C-47: Yes - 67.10%, No - 32.9%

Constitutional Initiative CI-118: Yes - 60.49%, No - 39.51%

Legislative Referendum LR-130: Yes - 51.07%, No - 48.93%

Initiative I-190: Yes - 57.74%, No - 42.26%


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