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Blaine County Museum needs a logo and wants your help


March 31, 2021

Blaine County Museum Director/Curator Samantha French studies the sign on the front of the museum in Chinook. The museum's board of directors is sponsoring a contest for locals to submit ideas for a new logo. Logos help an organization present their mission in a visually concise way. Plans are for the winning logo to become a part of the official sign at the museum.

The Blaine County Museum's board of directors wants to create a logo for the Chinook-based museum. Asked why the museum needs a logo Director/Curator Samantha French explained, "A well designed logo helps the public associate the museum with our mission, to preserve and share our local history. Used on publications, signage, promotional literature a logo helps brand an organization by giving a quick visual way for users to recognize what the organization does and connect with its purpose." French added, "To my knowledge the Blaine County Museum has never had its own logo."

The museum's board of directors is sponsoring a contest to allow current residents of Blaine County the opportunity to create a logo for the museum. Director French explained the winning design should help represent and promote the museum's broader mission: to collect, preserve and interpret the history of Blaine County and the region." The deadline for entries will be Friday, May 7."

During the week of May 10-14 plans are to have the submitted designs displayed on Facebook. French explained, "We want to display the designs so the community can view them and give us input." The museum's board of directors will choose the winning logo. The winners will be announced on May 18th. The creator of the winning logo design will receive a $300 check from the Chinook Chamber of Commerce plus from the museum $100 in cash and a $50 gift certificate for use at the museum's bookstore. One honorable mention will receive a $100 cash prize and a $50 gift certificate from the museum.

What makes a winning logo?

There are many studies about "the most recognizable logos in the U.S." Readers can likely guess logos that would be regarded in the top ten. A 2020 poll found the number one recognized logo in the nation is that of Apple, the technology company. Other top-recognized logos included: the "M" of McDonald's; Coca-Cola; Nike's swoosh; Starbucks; Google; Facebook; Adidas, Amazon and YouTube. Pepsi, Mercedes Benz, Disney and Toyota were among the most recognized logos in related opinion polls.

The Apple logo was first used in 1977. It's designer explained the image represented the renowned inventor Sir Isaac Newton and his connection to an apple tree. In a recent poll the Apple logo was selected as the "most recognizable corporate logo" in the U.S. Logos allow consumers to immediately recognize products or services offered by a particular business of non-profit organization.

Non-profits also rely on logos to 'brand' their organization. The iconic red cross is universally associated with American Red Cross and its relief efforts. Girl Scouts rely on their "cookie-like" logo to adorn their uniforms and help sell cookies. One thing most successful logos have in common is a simple, easily recognizable and memorable symbol.

As to the logo for the Blaine County Museum, Director French has thought about some attributes she would like to see, in addition to a simple design. "The design," she explained, "should speak to the historical and cultural identity of Blaine County." She thinks the winning design should present the same message whether used on a large outdoor sign, a business card or a promotional brochure. Only four colors may be used in the design of the museum's new logo.

The official Blaine County Museum Logo Contest Guidelines can be obtained as follows: from Facebook; by stopping in to the museum at 501 Indiana in Chinook; calling the museum at 357-2590; by email at:; or look for posters about the contest around the community. The museum's current open hours are 1p-5p, Monday-Friday.


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