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On Hope ---- Hello God, it's me, Mara


December 1, 2021

You know, Lord, when it seems that there’s no hope, things aren’t going according to our plans, or maybe just going askew, it’s then that we must remember that You are faithful, You hear our prayers and intervene in Your way –Your time – and at the right time. We’ve known ‘children’, young or old, who’ve strayed far away from having a personal relationship with You. Case in point: an elderly lady prayed faithfully for her adult children knowing that sooner or later, in her lifetime or after she was gone, the way-ward ones ‘would return to the fold’ – as she put it. She never gave up hope though her oldest was in his 80’s; she did live to see the day he made a 180 degree turn. What a joy.

Another instance: a young lad chose not to accompany his family in a move across country; he wanted to graduate with his high school pals. Family friends took him into their hearts and home for his last few months of high school. They didn’t ‘preach’ – rather than talk, they just walked the walk and daily, ‘showed Jesus’, living their lives the best they knew how. Only two rules to follow: ‘we all sit down to the evening meal together and no lies’. From day one, Ladd joined in – surprised that believers could have fun. Later, after graduation and traveling home to family, he called back to say he’d recommitted his life to the Lord, thanked them for showing him Hope – when there was no hope.

An acronym for Hope:


On with



As You loved and promised hope to Your children through Jeremiah, You desire the same for us. “There is hope for your descendants,” declares the LORD. “Your children will return to their own land” (Jeremiah 31:17).

Thank you, Lord.

Love, Mara


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