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South of the Border: "Some curiosities around Whitlash"


April 17, 2019

Karen and Urban Kultgen pose in front of the 'Whitlash Mall.' In the building, which was at once the post office, the former storekeepers in Whitlash offer drinks, snacks, block ice, and propane tank filling in their mini-mall. The pay phone is one of only about 100,000 pay phones still operating in the U.S. About 15 pay phones are still maintained by the telephone cooperative that serves the Whitlash. The phone is important since cell phone service is limited in the area around Whitlash.

South of the Border,

Column No. 11

Columnist's note: I've had the privilege to live in many diverse locations over the years. A newcomer to an area has a unique opportunity to see a place with a 'new set of eyes.' Things and situations longtime residents may take for granted often stand out to the new arrival. Here are a few things I've found curious during the four months my wife and I have lived in Whitlash.

In its basement the Whitlash Church has a cabinet full of sewing patterns

During a coffee hour in the church social area I noticed an unusual four-drawer file cabinet with the name...

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