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Harlem Library


April 8, 2020

The library continues to operate under social distancing guidelines. If you need to check out materials, please contact us by phone (353-2712), email at, or via Facebook messaging. You may pick up the materials curbside. We are still taking requests for interlibrary loans, however, many libraries in the state are closed, so we cannot guarantee your requests will be filled. If you need to use a computer for important business please call to make an appointment. Also contact us if you need the Wi-Fi password to use on your own device. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

You may be wondering what the library staff is doing during this shutdown. Carly and I have been busy cleaning and disinfecting all the furniture, equipment and toys. Carly has finished the inventory and I have been catching up on paperwork and filing. We have also been working on updating policies.

New books have been added to the collection. Joseph Finder is the author of “House on Fire.” PI Nick Heller receives news that his army buddy, who once saved his life, has died from an opioid overdose. At Sean’s funeral a stranger approaches Nick. The woman, the daughter of a pharmaceutical kingpin, wants Nick to help her to expose her father’s company for burying evidence of the drug’s dangers. But as Nick investigates it becomes clear there are conspiracies and schemes that show how far this family will go to protect its name and wealth.

“The Blaze” is a novel by Chad Dundas. Matthew Rose has suffered a traumatic brain injury in Iraq that has caused loss of most of his memory. Now he has been called back to Montana to settle his father’s estate and hopefully to settle the past he cannot remember. On his first night back a house goes up in flame with a college student inside. This triggers the memory of another fire, an unsolved crime of long ago.

Diane Chamberlain has written “Big Lies in a Small Town.” Morgan Christopher takes the fall for a crime she did not commit. A mysterious visitor offers her a chance to be released from prison if she takes the assignment to restore an old post office mural in a sleepy Southern town. What she finds under the layers of grimes connects her to Anna Dale, the artist who created the mural one hundred years earlier. The clues lead to the story of madness, violence and small-town secrets.

“Spitfire” is a Livy Nash mystery by M.L. Huie. Louisa Luna has written “The Janes,” an Alice Vega novel. “The Protective One” by Shelley Shepard Gray is part of The Walnut Creek Series.


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