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Martin's Sponsor Cap & Glove Drive


December 12, 2018

The Martin Family of Hays along with our employees are all sponsoring this Christmas a “Cap & Glove” drive for All ages! Our winters can get pretty harsh out here and we see so many people going without, so we decided we would love to be able to sponsor such a generous event. With this we would like to open this up to anyone that would like to enjoy purchasing any caps and gloves for whatever age you choose. These will all be disbursed on Friday December 21st from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm taking place at Martin’s Grocery in Hays. We will have a special guest “SANTA” in the house passing out caps and gloves and feel free to take your own pictures.

Along with this we have a couple of other things going on that will take place on that day. Each year we have numerous of great door prizes with the majority of them that are donations collected from all our vendors, to name a few for example are, “Havre Distributors”, Gusto Distributors”,” Pepsi Cola”, “Coca Cola”, “Sheers”, “CHS”, “Frito Lay”, “Deli Express” just to name a few. this is to express our gratitude to all our customers, feel free to stop in and drop your name in the box. Need not be present to win.

And our grand event that will be taking place on this day as well, is we will be drawing for $1000.00 cash. We are currently selling tickets of which can be purchased at $10.00 each or 3/$25.00. All proceeds will go towards our annual 4th of July events.

We the Martin Family would like to wish each and everyone of you a very “Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year” any further questions feel free to contact Sheila Martin 673-3500.


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