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Enduring the August Heat


September 9, 2020

During the Water Balloon Bowling Tournament, Hattie Bretzke goes for a spare as Bonnie Russell and Bev Brown cheer her on.

Along with the rest of us in Blaine County, the residents at Sweet Memorial Nursing Home (SMNH) endured a hot August. To break the discomfort and monotony of the intense and unrelenting heat, the Sweet Home residents engaged in water balloon bowling, celebrated August birthdays with ice cream and fashion, painted sunflowers, and enjoyed outdoor visits.

On August 7, SMNH Activities Employee, Stephanie Talks Different led the residents in water balloon bowling because the weather was so hot and playing in the water just seemed like an attractive way to cool off. The game was a lively time with plenty of splashing and water spray. At the conclusion of the Water Balloon Bowling Tournament when all the pins had been knocked down, Talks Different tossed the last remaining balloon into the air for a final splash in celebration of the event.

In other activities, the fashion-savvy girls at the Home decided to celebrate the classic look of Lucille Ball's 1950s style. Born on August 6, 1911, Lucille Désirée Ball was an American actress, comedian, model, studio executive, and producer of several sitcoms, including I Love Lucy. Various residents recalled fashions like poodle skirts, sweater sets, button-down dresses, polka dots, and saddle shoes. Accessories included cat-eyed sunglasses, pearl sets, and/or head scarfs for a cute and quirky '50s look.

With inspiration from Lucille Ball, several gals not only attempted the classic head scarf look but enjoyed watching I Love Lucy clips and remembering some of their favorite moments from the show.

Later in the month, Talks Different led residents in painting their interpretations of a sunflower. During the exercise, painters produced interesting flowers using paper plates as their canvases.

During August, the SMNH conducted outdoor visits. Anyone interested in scheduling an outdoor visit is encouraged to set up an appointment with Activities Manager Peggy Gideon. Visits lasting fifteen minutes are currently being conducted on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Officials at the Home will ask any visitors to wash their hands and have their temperature taken. Masks are also required to be worn at all times during these visits.

Bonnie Russell models her Lucille Ball head scarf.

"Please remember, that we can only continue these types of visits as long as our community has few cases of COVID," Administrator Rebecca Shackelford said. "We know this is a difficult time for everyone. While we want to keep connecting residents with their family members and loved ones, we ask that you please call and schedule your visits. Also, please be aware that we can't extend your visit if you are running late. It is not fair to ask the next person to cut his or her visit short. Although we realize that things come up and plans change, try to let us know in advance."

Home Staff also wish to remind the community that SMNH residents eat lunch from 11:00 to 1:00 and dinner from 4:00 to 6:00. They ask that window visits and phone calls not happen during these times.


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